Violet is Cally's alter-ego in the world of Dark Oracle. She is the twin sister of Blaze (the alter-ego of Lance).


As its counterpart Violet represents the darker side of Cally. She is more impulsive, aggressive and conceited than Cally. She puts her mind on one thing and does not care what queste to get.


She lives like situations which Cally and Lance can see before she pass through the comic. Initially Violet was not aware of the presence of Cally as well as Cally ignored as she was real but as the series progresses Violet begins to realize that something strange happens because strange things that happen in their world for Cally and Lance actions related to the comic and after the episode Marionette Violet and Blaze become aware of the existence of Cally and Lance, and Violet sets out to discover more about them. In the episode Full Circle she manages to interact directly with Cally through the mirrors and finally Violet and Blaze take Omen to the world of comic.

In the season 2 she looks more like Cally and is fully aware of the existence of the real world and coupled with Blaze looking for a way to enter to wreak havoc.