Lance Stone is the twin brother of Cally and a main character in the television series Dark Oracle. He is portrayed by Alex House.


Unlike his sister, Lance is very shy and tends to keep to himself. He prefers video games and comics to real people, but still he cares for his family and friends especially his sister. He's smart and sensible and often better understand the dangers of comic than Cally.


When Cally showed him the Dark Oracle comic book and how everything she did was in it, at first he thought it was cool that it's giving them clues about their future, but after Lance sees in the comic on how Violet is threatened by her admirer, he starts to think that it might be a problem. When Lance finds the new issue of the "Dark Oracle" under his mouse pad and the last side of the comic shows Blaze unconscious lying on the ground, Lance decides to tell nothing of the issue to his sister. Vern then invites him to the evening meeting of his Live role play group. However, Lance decides to participate in the meeting but on a graveyard the events between Lance escalate just as the dark destiny threatens how it has forecast in the comic. Later on Lance becomes angry at Dizzy, after he accidentally shows to the entire school an embarrassing video of Lance in his underwear. As the comic predicts it, Lance tries to get even with his friend during a Paint ball match, not knowing that the situation will get even more violent later. After undergoing a weird test, Lance is selected to join Doyle's secret society. Meanwhile, Doyle's strange toad Nemo escapes Gamerz Cave for a short time. Lance discovers that Doyle seem to know nothing about the comic book that is ruling their lives. When the comic book predicts that Blaze will kill himself by jumping off a building whilst Lance gets dumped by Sage because of his worried attitude about this. It comes to a wild wild chase which shows Violet and Blaze, because they pull Omen into a mirror in their world with it there disappears the haunt, the old exercise books of the comic become white. Lance and Cally can continue a normal life. Omen remains locked up in the comic world.

In the season 2 Lance and his sister enroll in a new highschool (after the previous one burns). The second season has a darker theme than the first one. Lance and Saige are still dating, even after Blaze nearly ruins their relationship. Lance has several encounters with Blaze, and even gets trapped inside the comic book for an episode. He is later freed at the cost of Omen's life.