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'The Adventures of siblings, 15-year-old Cally and Lence'a. They are comic, which gives them guidance 'for their future. Once trust comic predictions and knowing what awaits them avoid setbacks, suddenly it turns out that there is a second, parallel world, and this comic did not foresee the future, although siblings showed life Blaize'a and Violet, their counterparts in the other dimension. Here the situation is complicated because Violet and Blaize any price they want to get into our dimension, which means the transfer of Cally and Lence'a to comics. Of course, the twins do not want to move into a different world so try to get rid of a comic book. It turns out to be impossible because it always finds itself lost and destroy it by tearing only worsens the situation by giving the wrong twins opportunity to reach our world. In search of a way to get rid of the comic and problems to help the main characters' Omen-a former student of Doyle, Dizzy-too brainy best friend Lance Sage - Cally colleague, leader of the sect Doyle- necromancers and nieuadczny sorcerer and men-mysterious figure derived from but the comic book helps Cally and Lence'owi. Heroes

     Lance Stone (pronounced. Lens Stolno) - Cally brother. It's a computer geek. Of section 6 of the Sage and Lance go together. The boy has a faithful friend Dizzy. Lance in the comic is Blaze.

     Cally Stone (pronounced. Kali Stolno) - Lance sister. Emmett has a boyfriend. However crush Omen. She has long brown hair (in the first season, simple, in the second wavy). Cally is a very sensitive person. Cally's alter ego in the comic Violet.

     Dizzy / Dizter / Donald Stump (pronounced. Dizi / Dizter / Donald Stamp) - a friend of the twins. In later episodes comes with Rebecca, a friend Cally. He likes comics and video games. It is characterized by a storm curly hair płomiennorudych.

     Sage LaPierre - Lance girl. Shy and timid, but in certain situations brave. Distinguished in appearance: pale complexion, brown eyes and straw, raven-black hair, shiny spiętymi two tassel. He works in the "Cave Players", where they sell comics. He can not swim.

     Omen (pronounced. Omen) - boy turned into a frog by Doyle named Nemo (backwards Omen). It comes with a "comic dimension." He created the "Cave Players' first issue of the comic book. With pwrotem in human form has been replaced by a kiss Lance. Omen fell in love with Cally.

     Doyle (pronounced. Dojl) - is the head of "Cave Players", the comic book store. It has a book of spells and necromancer. Probably has a girlfriend, Vanessa. at some point goes on holiday to Egypt in search of their own Ka. Learns about the comic in 22 episode, and he knows that he must help Cally and Lance.

     Vern (pronounced. Wern) - is a villain. It has magical powers. It has, as Doyle, spellbook. Demands that Lance broke with Sage, because the girl he likes. At some point, stealing the stone, by which he learned black magic. The "Dark prophecies" in the episode finds 18. In a subsequent releases Omena from the world of comics.

     Simone (pronounced. Simon) - Verne friend. As "ghastly" like him. The comic also learns in episode 18. She probably like Vern, which may indicate that in the episode "The event," said the twins, it was stolen comic Vern. When asked why they are saying, said that Vern is inward-looking and it annoys her.

     Violet Blaze (Victoria) (pronounced. Blejs and Wajolet) - the alter ego of the main characters. Can be found in the world of comics and want to enter the world of people changing places with Lance and Cally.

     Harold (pronounced. Harold) - Dizzy cousin, is not present in person. Dizzy'emu he borrowed a guitar in the episode "Since when Dizzy sings" and taught him to play it.

     Puppet master - little is known about him. He probably planned to imprisonment Lenca (declared that he directed all). Doyle is the alter ego. It could also ordered Violet and Blaze'owi.

     Juniper (pronounced. Dżunifer) - is called. villain. She's been doing a lot of things such as school. Is the guardian of the floats. She has long black hair that catch your eye. It's pretty, but possessive. At the beginning of love with Dizzy, but after the incident in the cold longer. In the episode "Camp Fear" wanted to scare Dizzy and Rebecca.

     Emmett (pronounced. Emet) - Cally boy. They met when Cally was wrong class. Later, they met each other. It has a red car. His friend is Rebecca. It is characterized by brown, curly hair. It has a nice disposition. After several episodes breaks with Cally.

     Rebecca (pronounced. Rebecca) - Cally and Emmett's friend, the girl Dizzy. After some time, he starts to get upset that Dizzy does not spend a lot of time with her. She has two siblings, including a sister like her. Rebecca has blonde hair. This is a nice person with whom you can talk.

     Delly - the younger sister Rebecca.

     Holly Katinsky (pronounced. Holi Katiński) - a malicious person. Friend has a similar disposition to her. Lance is trying to retrieve Sage. It fails to it. She has blonde hair and pretty. When she returned to the world of normal Sage, Holly and her friend were afraid of her after the incident with the snake.

     Ainsley - friend Holly. Has a cousin, Steve'ego.

     Steve - boy with a new school, he began an unwanted event in twins. He has a cousin, Ainsley.

     Travis (pronounced. Trawis) - owner of the field, where the camp was held fear. His appearance gives you a lot to think about, but inside is a good man. After the disappearance of a burden it Rebecca all the blame for her kidnapping. When Travis caught Juniper gave Lance cell to call the police.

     Claudia (pronounced. Klaudia) - a girl who was an exchange student from Montreal. Beautiful and sensual, living according to their own rules. Cally was the authority for that after breaking friendship with Annie, she wanted to find a new friend. Cally ratio changed to Claudia when they wanted to seduce Jack.

     Jack Elliot - old school Cally liked, but Mary had a girlfriend who broke up with him in the episode with Claudia.

     Mary - a girl Jack, extremely nervous and possessive.

     Kathleen Garvie - Cally friend.

     Max Brennan - Cally friend.

     Annie - Cally's best friend in the old school.

     Hutch - one of the less popular guys, especially after he gave Sage eggs.

     Vanessa - girl Doyle.

     Rita - fairy friend Doyle. She had to take care of the animals during his absence. Cally and Lance called the names of their alter egos, but they were unable to determine why.

     Mr. Slade - old school teacher.

     Mrs. Travesty - a teacher of physics in the old school. Cally confiscated comics for reading it in class.

     Mr. Novak - a history teacher in the old school.

     Pratt Director - Director of the school they attend twins, working here is only the first year and trying to fit in with his strange methods in the rest of the community.

     Mrs. LaFlame - biology teacher in a new school.

     Mom Sage - there is no person, but in an episode called Lance.


     Cally Stone - Paula Brancati

     Lance Stone - Alex House

     Dizzy - Jonathan Malen

     Sage - Danielle Miller

     Doyle - Mark Ellis

     Vern - David Rendall

     Omen - Kristopher Turner

     Simone - Carson Quarrington

     Emmett - Nathan Stephenson

     Rebecca - Amber Marshall

     Juniper - Desiree Andrews

     Jack - Jack Manchester

     Hutch - Philip Riccio

     Mary - Stacey Farber

     Kathleen - Shaunna Hamat

     Max - Miya Akiyama

     Annie - Barbara Mamabolo

     Ainsley - Megan Park

     Slade - Jim Coorington

     Director - Tim Post

     Delly - Olivia Ballantyne

Director: Ron Murphy writers Conkie Heath, John Sinyo

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